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I'm a Diana Chapman Walsh Assistant Professor in the Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences program at Wellesley College. I'm also the director of the Sociolinguistics Lab.

This semester (Fall 2022), I'm teaching Introduction to Linguistics (LING 114) and Sociolinguistics (LING 238). In the spring, I'll also teach a seminar on African American English (LING 338). I occasionally teach Language: Form and Meaning (LING 244).


My research is broadly focused on language variation and change. I currently hold a Spencer Foundation grant with Nicole Holliday (University of Pennsylvania) for the project, 'Don't take that tone with me': Linguistic Variation and Disciplinary Action on African American Children in Schools


My dissertation work (University of Pennsylvania, 2018) examined syntactic change in the negation system of African American English in Philadelphia. Other projects I have worked on deal with the perception and acquisition of sociolinguistic variation, changes in the sound system of Philadelphia English(es), and syntactic change in general American English and French Guyanais Creole. 


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